“I like the way you approach wrestling and teaching, systematic, solid fundamentally, and fast paced.  You focused on two basic components and allowed our kids to get better in those positions rather than putting them in a bunch of situations or showing them a grab bag of technique.  I appreciate that! Sometimes we have people come in and try to show too much…I know every kid who was there improved. Thanks. I’d love to have you come back out this spring for a multi-session clinic.”

SE Polk, IA

“Thank you for taking time out of one of the busier times of your season to come up and work with our kids. The training sessions, they were top notch. The pace was just right, if the kids had a question, it was addressed and answered. I also liked how you touched on the philosophy and the steps leading up to certain moves i.e. chain wrestling. You just need to get your name out there because what you are bringing to the table is a very good system. GREAT STUFF. I hope I can make this happen again next year. See ya soon,”

Genoa, OH