Top 10 Biggest Mental Mistakes

Top 10 Biggest Mental Mistakes a Wrestler Could Make & Corrections

By Gene Zannetti
Z-Fanatical Fitness

1. Getting involved in the hype. Reading the papers and/or forum. Leave this to the spectators, after the season you can read your articles.

2. Associating with negative people and small-time thinkers. These people will only slow you down. Keep your distance from them, especially during the season.

3. Making any particular match or tournament “special.” Every match and practice is important, but nothing is ever special. Special adds pressure. Treat everything the same. Consistency!

4. Believing ANY opponent you face is unbeatable. David and Goliath, Rulan Gardner over Karelin, Gable and Owings, The Movie “Miracle”, etc. etc.

5. Focusing on the past or future instead of the present moment. Only worry about the present and how you can do your best at this moment.

6. Under any circumstances using the word CAN’T. Don’t ever say that word!

7. Dwelling on a setback or loss. Learn the lesson, then move on, period. Just let it go and do it better next time.

8. Focusing exclusively on winning or titles. Compete with yourself.

9. Competing not to lose. A coward dies 1,000 deaths before he dies. Always play to win. If you’re already winning: play to dominate.

10. Using extreme self-talk, that puts extra pressure on you: MUST, SHOULD, or NEED TO. Use “I want” and “I choose to” instead.

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